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Changing the waste economy of Africa


After 12 years of diligence & determination we have refined the most impactful projects to fast track beneficial waste management solutions that work for the planet and the people

We have curated 3 meaningful & effective ways for you to get involved today!

Educational Material

Support the creation of educational materials in various languages and formats. Our mission is to provide Africa with diverse resources that cater to their individual needs and preferences

Waste to Resource Centres

Invest in community-specific sites dedicated to promoting circular waste economy practices and providing services for their immediate area

Zero Waste Programmes

Fund a school or beneficiary to join our zero waste programmes and be part of the fun. We provide resources and expertise to set up beneficial waste systems in classrooms and communities.

The perfect NGO waste partner

Because we have a collaborative and community based approach there is no limit to the direction your impact can make on the African circular economy, directly influencing systemic change needed for a sustainable future

YES! We work with Ecobricks

A humble beginning, ecobricks are where it started for us and we continue to use them as a main connecting and tracking ‘education tool’ in our large scale programmes!

We also collect ecobricks from the public ( home makers that make +- 1-3 pp / pm ) for R10.00 per brick that goes towards small and large scale builds we are part of.

Public drop off points :

1. Nude Foods : 5 Constitution St, Zonnebloem

2.Barker Motors : 5 Kenwil, Okavango Park, Brackenfell

3. Gram Plastic Free Grocer : Shop 12B, The trading Post, 1 Myburgh St, Somerset West

4. Kommetjie Surf shop : 1 Erica Road, Kommetjie

Start your journey

Beneficiaries and funders are welcomed to join the team today

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The founder and director of Waste-ED is a sustainable waste management &
circular waste economy specialist

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