Waste – ED


It all started with a plastic bottle and some non recyclables

Waste-ED implements waste to resource systems that explores the journey to zero waste, developing and applying environment based waste management solutions and education. 

We offer interactive zero waste set ups, consulting, research, workshops and presentations. Along the way we collect Ecobricks and create much needed, well insulated structures teaching the skill of natural clay building.

Waste-ED was started by Candice Mostert in 2014 inspired by the education tool of the Ecobrick after meeting Upcyle Santa Fe‘s  director, Jo Stodgel in 2012. The two worked in South Africa for 3 years with Greyton Transition Town (GTT) until 2014 to turn the local Greyton dumpsite into a Green Park ( a resource centre for the community to turn local ‘trash into treasure’). Candice Worked with GTT for those 3 years building the first known South African Ecobrick outdoor classroom at the Green Park and working with the local schools and businesses of the Overberg area to revive the concept of value in our wasted resources. This is what birthed Waste-ED and why the Ecobrick remains a main tool for this project to share waste education.



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